NovoClinical EHR vs OpenEMR: A 2023 Analysis

Do open-source solutions work better than priced ones? Let’s figure this out in this comprehensive NovoClinical EHR vs OpenEMR analytic guide.

OpenEMR is an open-source healthcare platform that has transformed the care spectrum for good with its intuitive capabilities. It has made the world a better place to live in by saving countless lives with timely care delivery. This solution runs on the cloud and on-premises, so physicians can work, however they want. Outpatient and in-patient care facilities benefit alike from this resilient solution backed by a vibrant healthcare community.

NovoClinical EHR, on the other hand, is a modular design solution that’s rich in fully integrated EHR services. It is more than just a basic care platform that makes practices more productive and better manageable. NovoClinical makes a difference for medical professionals by presenting them with tech0intensive solutions. This adaptable solution ensures revolutionary care outcomes with its disruptive technology.

Let’s learn more about these in this NovoClinical EHR vs OpenEMR guide so you can know which one to go for.

Evaluating The Vendors Through Reviews

We will now use the reviews of NovoClinical EHR and OpenEMR software to analyze their feature portfolios. This way, you can closely evaluate these systems’ remarkable offerings.

Open EMR Review Analysis

As per the reviews, OpenEMR is a vendor of high potential with unmatched capabilities. This healthcare solution may be free-of-cost but leaves no stone unturned when it comes to assisting healthcare providers. The reviews of OpenEMR software unveil the greatness hidden in its feature portfolio. Its functionalities leave care providers stunned, for there’s nothing it cannot do. Being a free solution, OpenEMR surely does a number on clients with its impeccable feature range. Here are its salient offerings:

  • Scheduling
  • e-prescription
  • Medical Billing
  • Patient Demographics
  • CMS Reporting
  • Lab Integration
  • Clinical Decision Rules
  • Advanced Security
  • Multilingual Support

While reviewing the reviews, we came across user statements appreciating the clinical decision support service of OpenEMR. Clinicians cite the vendor works to assure value-based care and nurtures optimized outcomes by enabling them to run a thorough diagnosis. Another quality factor pinpointed in the reviews is the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources Integration of OpenEMR. The vendor has set its priorities straight, that is, assisting providers through thick and thin.

NovoClinical EHR Review Analysis

NovoClinical is a tech-savvy EHR, and the reviews share that it harnesses the power of automation. It is the best-of-all healthcare solution filled to the brim with state-of-the-art clinical functionalities. The user reviews present NovoClinical as an EHR driven by 360-degree practice solutions. Whether it’s task management, note-taking, patient summary generation, bill processing or patient check-outs handling, this rigorous platform expertly handles it all.

Some top-grade features of NovoClinical, as per the reviews, are:

  • Patient Demographics
  • Reports Viewing
  • Document Processing
  • Navigable Dashboard
  • Chronic Care Management
  • Customizable Reports and Templates
  • Billing And Coding
  • Revenue Cycle Management Module
  • Telemedicine
  • Patient Portal
  • Mobile Compatibility

Besides all these, this MU-certified solution has countless other specs to offer. The reviews illustrate that all the tools and services of NovoClinical EHR are easily customizable. There’s no downtime associated with its functionalities. The vendor saves quality time by speeding up day-to-day clinical operations. The caregivers appreciate the HL7 integrations; this solid platform supports them to assure they get everything under one roof to minimize distractions. All-in-all, as per the reviews, the feature range of NovoClinical EHR is plausible and indeed productive.

Winner: Both platforms rule physicians’ minds as they offer comprehensive feature portfolios; thus, it is hard to declare a winner.

The Pricing Strategy of OpenEMR

Now moving forward with this NovoClinical EHR vs OpenEMR analysis, let’s have a prompt glance into the cost structures of our subject EHRs.

NovoClinical EHR has not shared its pricing structure publicly, but it is stated that it’s modular in design. There are rumors going around that the pricing range of NovoClinical EHR starts from $100 per month. The vendor has not denied those, which means there’s a significant probability that this is the minimum estimated range of the pricing bundles of NovoClinical. As the vendor offers an enriched feature portfolio, users say that it charges nothing compared to what it offers. So, it means NovoClinical is an affordable solution packing customer-oriented pricing plan.

Now, let’s stick with the pricing details of OpenEMR. The name OpenEMR is enough to comprehend the pricing model of this robust solution. This open-source platform works for free regardless of the size of medical practices. Going with OpenEMR is like getting hands-on exclusive clinical functionalities for little to no pricing. The pricing policy of OpenEMR, paired with its comprehensive feature range, makes it a standalone EHR. And this is how OpenEMR, a cost-free solution, manages to beat potential solutions like NovoClinical EHR.

Winner: With its free pricing structure, OpenEMR scores the upper end. But NovoClinical is also a compatible solution packing low-cost pricing bundles.

NovoClinical And OpenEMR Demo

OpenEMR outweighs NovoClinical EHR in another aspect, and that is what we are going to evaluate now in this NovoClinical EHR vs OpenEMR guide.

NovoClinical Demo:

When it comes to demo tutorials, NovoClinical scores the ground. The NovoClinical EHR packs a detailed and well-crafted demo using catchy words and appealing presentation skills. The NovoClinical EHR highlights all its integrated and distinctive functionalities throughout its demo. While going through its demonstration tutorial, one can easily assess its learning curve. Moreover, the NovoClinical EHR demo shows how it adds value to the patient experience by effortlessly handling all the prospective patients.

The OpenEMR Software Demo

The OpenEMR software offers three impressive demo installations for users to try out. The three demo tutorials are named “Main, Alternate, and Another Alternate”. These three are identical, but OpenEMR goes to extreme lengths crafting these demo tutorials, so clients face no downtime. Besides these, there is an OpenEMR 7.0.1 demo that is the heart of this vendor. This demonstration tutorial is rebuilt daily to cover new and modified features so clients can stay equipped with the latest services.

Winner:  So, as we said above, OpenEMR wins this round by facilitating clients with innovative, well-structured and informative demo tutorials

With the pricing analysis, this NovoClinical EHR vs OpenEMR analysis reaches an end. We hope you will make a productive decision after going through this detailed analytic guide.


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