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The app was first launched in 2010. Instagram is a no-cost photo and video sharing service initially available only for iOS. But, after a couple of years, it was a standard of social media. And the year 2012 saw Facebook bought it at a price of one billion. One of the most significant recent adjustments to the platform was to remove the restriction on the app’s use and allow users to log in online. Furthermore Facebook did a smart move by shifting from chronological feeds to an algorithmic feed permitting some variation with regards to the dimensions of pictures and videos, and also introducing influencer marketing Buy Instagram Followers Greece.

Table of Contents:

  • 1. Instagram’s beginnings Instagram
  • 2. Instagram demographics
  • 3. User engagement
  • 4. User Generated Content
  • 5. Videos and Instagram
  • 6. Instagram Stories feature
  • 7. Staying current

Beginnings of Instagram

In just two months after launching the app for public access, Instagram stats were pointing it towards the top leagues, tipped the scales with 1 million Instagram users. One year later it was 10 , million people.

Six days prior to the time that Facebook purchased Instagram the platform, it was made accessible on Android. In November Instagram users were able to benefit from online profiles. In February 2013, however the company announced its own network channel and celebrated 100 million Instagram users.

Instagram launched videos in June 2013 and direct messages were added in December of that year.

With its huge number of users, Instagram began to further increase its revenue and speed up the expansion of Instagram by launching ads for specific brands in October 2013before making them available to all users in September of 2015.

A month later, the platform followed Facebook’s footsteps , and changed between a traditional channel an algorithmic one in June of 2016 It rebranded itself, altering its logo.

Instagram closed the year on a whim, making its debut with Instagram Stories that is a 24-hour version of Snapchat’s ephemeral , ephemeral content.

Instagram demographics

Nearly all of the third Internet user is an Buy Instagram Followers user. With 1 billion active monthly users in the year 2018 Instagram is the fastest growing social network, growing 5% each quarter – far above Facebook (3.14 percent) as well as Snapchat (2.13 percent).

According to a Social Media Use study by Pew Research 35% of adult users are using Instagram in comparison to 28% in 2016.

In actuality, the site is dominated by those who are between the ages of 18 and 34. This isn’t too surprising considering that Instagram is predominantly a millennial-centric site, with the 18-24 age group accounting for 32% of Instagram users. Americans who are in this age range are soaring in numbers : 71 percent of Americans aged between 18 and 24 utilize Instagram.

No matter the location of people who use Instagram the users of this app are hooked to it. As per Pew Research, 60% of Instagram users use the app every day, up from 51% in 2016. The average user spends up to 32 minutes browsing through apps or posting content daily.

User engagement

According to Buy Instagram Followers the social network, more than 40 billion images were uploaded on Instagram. In addition, there are more than 95 million images that are posted every day.

But the huge numbers don’t stop with the postings: Instagram users are sharing about 3.5 million shares, and likes per day.

The data shows that Instagram is the network that has the highest number of active users. The engagement rates of Instagram vary between 2 and 7percent. This might seem like a lot but then you realize Facebook engagement rates vary from 0.10%-1.5 percentage and engagement rates on Twitter are lower.

User Generated Content

Instagram is heavily dominated by its videos that range from hilarious candid moments recorded on camera to stunning quality drone video footage. In reality, more than 50% of the top leaders in content marketing depend on UGC.

UGC can also impact the conversion rates of industries like jewelry, fashion as well as footwear, beauty, and consumer electronics.

Video and Instagram content

When Instagram began to offer videos, five million videos were shared within just the initial 24 hours. That’s more than 208,000 videos an hour.

While photos did draw more attention in comparison to videos over a short time however, this is not the case anymore. In reaction to the enthusiasm of users on Instagram who post videos this social network hasn’t abandoned. Instagram now lets users upload videos in various formats, including Live Stories, Posts, Stories and even ads.

Furthermore, Instagram recently introduced video chat through direct messaging and IGTV which allows users to upload longer videos, opening the doors to Instagram users to discover even develop more inventive ways to create captivating content.

Instagram Stories feature

Snapchat might have influenced the social media game that’s ephemeral however it’s slowly losing ground. Since Instagram Stories are utilized by more than 400 million users a day.

Statistics on Instagram reveal that brands definitely like Instagram Stories to Snapchat because they publish twice as often to Stories. The popularity of Instagram Stories among brands is likely due with Instagram’s “Swipe Up” feature, that allows users with over 10,000 Instagram Followers to share external links, which improves the rate of click-throughs and conversion rates.

An exciting new feature that has been added to users who enjoy Instagram Stories is music. The latest feature allows Instagram users to create stories with music that Instagram has in its internal library. While it’s currently only available in some countries, it’ll become available to other countries in the coming days. As as if music or Instagram’s Swipe Up feature weren’t enough for many people in the field of marketing and social media, Instagram also allows users to shop.

Staying current

Two of the most important features that Instagram has just released are IGTV and video chat .

Have you ever thought about creating an Instagram video on the spot? If so, IGTV is what you’ve been searching for. It lets you upload vertical videos that last 10 minutes or less for regular users, and up to one hour for those with more followers. Although IGTV is accessible via its own app that is standalone and you can view videos on the app. It’s Instagram’s solution to YouTube.

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