Health Benefits of Cardamom Powder

Adding cardamom seeds or powder to your daily diet can help you treat a variety of kidney, bladder and urinary tract related issues like pain or burning while urinating, frequent urge to urinate etc. It also improves renal function.

Having cardamom in your daily diet can also improve your digestion as it has antispasmodic, carminative and diuretic properties. It also helps to get rid of hiccups and enhances appetite.


The volatile oils in cardamom help fight inflammation and prevent the formation of cancerous tumors. The phenolic compounds in it also prevent the growth of bacteria, viruses, and fungus, which helps you stay healthy.

If you have a chronic condition like high blood pressure, you can reduce the risk of complications by adding cardamom to your diet. It may lower your cholesterol levels and blood sugar and improve your overall circulation. It can also help you fight obesity and diabetes by stabilizing your blood glucose levels.

One study found that cardamom may improve your insulin resistance by lowering your body’s glucose and lipid levels. A small amount of the powder can also relax your throat air passages, making it easier to breathe if you have asthma. This is a very important benefit for diabetics.. Taking a teaspoon of elaichi daily also reduces general inflammation, preventing cancer formation.


Cardamom’s volatile oil has been found to relax muscles and reduce spasms, thus easing gastric pain, cramps, tremors, hiccups, cough, asthma etc. Inhalation of cardamom extract or oil also increases oxygen uptake in the lungs, which improves respiratory health and can help those with chronic bronchitis.

A study showed that green cardamom extract can suppress inflammatory molecules in immune cells, thereby preventing the production of inflammatory mediators. It can also inhibit platelet aggregation, thus helping prevent life-threatening blood clots in the arteries.

In another study, researchers found that patients who took green cardamom supplements had lower blood pressure than those who didn’t take the spice. The anti-hypertensive effects of cardamom may be due to its high levels of magnesium and potassium, which regulate blood pressure. It is also a natural diuretic, which helps to flush out excess sodium and fluids from the body.


The seeds and oil of cardamom have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, carminative and diuretic properties. They are used to make a variety of dishes and serve as an effective herbal solution for several ailments, including indigestion, bad breath, cough, etc.

It has been shown to be a chemopreventive in animals, meaning it can inhibit, delay or even reverse cancer formation. The plant contains the phenolic compounds eugenol and cineole which act as anti-inflammatory agents and kill cancer cells.

A 2020 study found that chewing cardamom seeds reduced halitosis (bad breath). The seed’s sharp yet pleasant flavor helps to eliminate the bacteria responsible for gum disease, and its fibrous outer covering provides a mechanical cleaning of teeth. The oils in the pod and its seeds also kill bacteria that cause cavities and tooth decay. (1).


Cardamom is rich in antioxidants, which help remove free radicals from the body. This can lower the risk of a variety of health conditions, including metabolic syndrome. The spice also has diuretic properties, which can reduce high blood pressure. This benefit is based on the fact that it promotes urination and helps expel water that has collected around important organs in your body, such as your heart.

A study found that giving cardamom to 20 people who had high blood pressure reduced their levels to healthy ranges. The researchers suggest that the effects may be due to the spice’s ability to regulate lipids, blood sugar and cholesterol.

This supplement is also believed to improve breathing and oxygen use by relaxing the throat air passages, which could help asthma sufferers. It can also protect the digestive system from ulcers.


Cardamom powder has anti-diabetic properties and is able to improve glucose tolerance. It also helps lower blood pressure. This is because of its rudaya (Cardiac tonic) property.

Obesity is associated with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), which increases triglyceride levels in the body. Cardamom has a potential to prevent metabolic syndrome by decreasing the triglyceride and cholesterol levels in obese people.

Cardamom has powerful carminative properties that can relieve bloating, gas and diarrhoea. It also cleanses the tubular pathways of the kidney and bladder, averting instances of urinary tract infections. It also has expectorant properties that can help clear clogged lungs. This makes it a good treatment for asthma and bronchitis. Moreover, it has potent antioxidants that prevent the oxidative damage caused by oxidation of fats. This is because oxidation leads to the formation of harmful free radicals that can cause cell damage.


Cardamom is an anti-inflammatory and has antioxidant properties, both of which can help prevent cancer. In animal studies, it was found to inhibit tumor growth and encourage the death of cancer cells.

This spice also helps keep blood pressure in check, which can reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke. A 2019 study found that people with type 2 diabetes who took three grams of cardamom powder daily saw lower levels of hemoglobin A1c and Homocysteine, a marker for insulin resistance, than those who took a placebo.

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Cardamom is a natural anti-carcinogenic agent that reduces the growth of cancer cells. It does so by increasing the level of glutathione in the body, which prevents damage to cell membranes caused by free radicals and peroxides. Additionally, it stimulates the pituitary gland to secrete gonadotropin-releasing hormone, which in turn causes the Leydig cells to release testosterone.

Studies have shown that consuming cardamom regularly can help fight cancer by inhibiting the growth of ovarian and colon cancer cells. It can also increase the activity of enzymes that destroy cancerous cells.

A 2020 study found that cardamom extract significantly decreased oxidative stress in the livers of rats. Similarly, it was found to decrease a marker of inflammation in the blood of people with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. It also increases the synthesis of niacin and riboflavin. It has antiseptic, antispasmodic, diuretic and stimulant properties as well.


Cardamom powder is an effective medicine for asthma, since it relaxes the muscles of the throat and chest and makes breathing easier. It also helps reduce cough and phlegm. It increases blood circulation in the lungs and fights inflammation. This prevents breathing problems and improves oxygen intake. It also reduces the formation of clots in the arteries, thus, decreasing heart disease risk.

Test-tube research suggests that cardamom may protect the digestive system from stomach ulcers. It inhibits the growth of bacteria, including Helicobacter pylori, which causes most stomach ulcers.

A 2019 study found that 83 people with diabetes who took green cardamom supplements for 10 weeks experienced lower hemoglobin A1C and insulin levels than those taking a placebo. Adding whole pods or seeds to recipes or sipping a hot cup of cardamom tea may help promote overall health.


Cardamom is a natural remedy for diarrhoea. It helps to eliminate toxins from the digestive tract and restore balance in your body. It also prevents your stomach from absorbing excessive acid, which can cause painful cramps.

Research has shown that cardamom is a good source of vitamin C. Cardamom also contains volatile oils that can improve your breathing and oxygen intake during exercise. One study found that people who inhaled cardamom oil while walking on a treadmill had better oxygen uptake than those who did not inhale the scent. This is because cardamom oils can relax the throat air passage and improve breathing.

Anti-tooth decay

Cardamom has antiseptic properties that protect against bad breath and gum disease. Its seeds contain essential oils that kill the bacteria that cause these problems, while its strong yet pleasant smell masks the odor. In addition to this, the volatile compounds in cardamom have been found to inhibit dental plaque formation.

Studies have also shown that adding cardamom to a high-fat, high-carbohydrate diet can reduce blood pressure. This is likely due to its diuretic properties, which promote urination and help rid the body of excess water.

To make your own cardamom powder, toast green pods in a dry skillet until fragrant and then grind them to a fine powder in a blender or mortar and pestle. To keep the powder fresh, store it in an airtight jar and refrigerate. The powder can be used in recipes that call for ground cardamom or sprinkled on foods as a condiment. Read More Blog..


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