Building An Engaged Community: How To Attract Genuine Instagram Followers

Instagram followers are the major marketing force nowadays I think. It is no longer just a social network for cool children. Instagram has become mainstream and these are great news for you.

Like everything in the mainstream, it can seem impossible to be too late. Staying informed is not fun or simple, but Instagram is one of these networks in which you can stay informed fairly quickly.

It has never been so easy to know how you can get genuine followers on Instagram, because the web is full of tools, clicks, and funny corners to discover.

1. Use hashtags

You sit there and think: ‘Really true? Is that your advice? But listen to me. Hashtags are still an important tool for Instagram users.

Yes, Instagram has a reputation to use annoying and complacent hashtags, such as #nofilter, #iwoke up like this, or #selfielove.

But there are many people who are generally mocked by people who are directly used by people in the target group. Entire communities are even located in some hashtags that almost work as small forums.

Finding the right one is not as difficult as before. After all, Instagram has introduced an automatic function that makes suggestions every time you # #.

A useful aspect of this shows the number of contributions for every hashtag. You can finally see where users spend their time.

2. Identify your target group on Instagram

When it comes to building a strong presence on Instagram, it is important to understand your target group. If you know who your audience is and what is important to you, you can make content that is well received by you and increase your dedication and supporters.

Here are some tips to identify your audience on Instagram:

Start defining your target group, taking into account factors such as age, gender, location, income, education, and interests for creating your ideal customer. If you identify your audience, adjust your content to your specific needs and preferences to increase the commitment.

  • Use Instagram knowledge to analyze your current followers and to better understand your characteristics and interests. In this way, you can adjust your content to get better contact with you.
  • Use to reach a wider audience, relevant hashtags that your audience will probably follow. This increases the visibility of your content and therefore increases the chance of interaction.
  • Switch high, convincing content that your audience uses by using photos and videos that contain and write subtitles that are understandable and dedicated.

3. Use influencer campaigns to increase the number of trailers

At the top of the Instagram seller, they are still growing their account, and influencer marketing is a great way to increase brand consciousness and their followers.

If you ask an influencer to post through your company, show your company many people who may not have known it yet.

Getting started with influencer marketing is fairly easy. First, determine whether you want to work with macro or micro-influencers.

Macro influencers usually have between 10,000 and 1 million followers. Micro-influencers, on the other hand, have fewer than 10,000 followers.

Although a better option appears at first sight, Macro Influencer also offers many benefits. They are cheaper and often deal with their contributions.

4. Convert Instagram followers with a Bleim tag

The next task in the middle of the Instagram seller is to create a seductive lead magnet. The content must be sure, which means that users fill in a form or at least have to specify their email address to receive the content.

Gattdian content is a great way to generate leads because it offers valuable insights into someone – in this case in this case. Your Instagram followers – if you recommend downloading your content.

When making your main magnet, determine which type of content you want to offer, e.g.

  • Technical documents or case studies
  • book or pdf file
  • Videos
  • Scotch courses by eMail


  • Free attempts
  • reviews or tests

White articles and case studies are popular magnets for B2B companies. If your target group is a consumer, you can select an e-book or video. Your main magnet must be valuable for your supporters.

5. Use Instagram Analytics to study your personality

With an Instagram Business Account (free) you have access to statistics if your audience is most active. Use this data to optimize your release time plan.

Instagram also offers information about the age, gender, and geographical distribution of your target group, which can be a starting point for researching your customer staff.

6. Mark people on your photos that communicate with your brand

Another way to be discovered by people who do not follow them is to mark relevant accounts in such a way that they appear in their marked feed.

If you have a fitness studio, you can follow a group recording after a body sample and mark each person in the photo. Then it will populate all marked feeds.

Your followers will see the message and discover your studio. This strategy also applies to other brand and business accounts. If you can share the spotlights and mark others, do so. It will go back to bring you more Instagram followers and leads.

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7. Songs for a shoutout

If you have the budget, consider working with influencers. The prices depend on the influencers and the number of people who follow them. If you want to know your prices, you could also:

  • Appropriate influencers directly by creating an outreach list, making offers, and being ready for negotiation.

8. Go over a desk

Agencies fit, and the brands pay with willing influencers, based on relevance. Stamm, De Plank, and Forbes offer this service.

You can also try the influence of the app with which you can make paid influencer campaigns from your phone. Offers are sent to social media influencers that create a campaign and request approval.

9. You have a theme for your account

Determine what types of content you want to create, e.g. Product photos, photos behind the scenes, user-equipped content, etc.

Create a content calendar to plan the ingredients and remain consistent. Companies must also be consistent in their news, and regardless of their industry, their account must match the interests of their target group.

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