A Complete Cleaning Guide to Corian Kitchen Worktops

Corian Kitchen Worktops require little to no introduction. They are solid surfaces used as worktops in kitchens and bathrooms, with plenty of reasons for their popularity, such as the non-porosity of Corian worktops, homogeneity, easy maintenance and care, and even easier and cheaper repair.

Introduced about 5 decades ago, they became a favourite among homeowners. They offer a variety of customization and colour options. The finish can be matte, glossy, or semi-gloss, depending on the shade. Moreover, they are much cheaper compared to other worktops – another reason for their favour!

As stated above, maintaining, cleaning, and repairing is easy. Yet, there is a method of cleaning everything in a way that is best suited for the material and will maintain it for a long time. The same applies to Corian worktops as well. You can always ask your Corian Worktop Supplier for exact care for your worktops.

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In the interim, here is a guide you can follow to keep your worktops clean and maintain them.

How To Care For Corain Worktops every day?

The first step to handling any spills and stains is to clean them spills as soon as possible. This is true enough for any surface. Here is a quick guide to the everyday maintenance of Corian worktops:

  • Cleaning the spills: Don’t let the spills just sit around until you google and find the best methods to clean the worktop. Remember that removing any spills as soon as possible is the best way to ensure no stains.
  • Dish soap and warm water: Use any mild dish soap that you use, and mix it with water to create a cleaning solution. This solution will remove most dirt from your Corian worktops.
  • Commercial Cleaning Solutions: Commercial cleaning products intended for Corian Solid Surface and other worktops will also work well. Ammonia-based cleaning products commonly available for such surfaces are harmless and will help keep them clean.
  • Hard water: If you have hard water issues, you can use products specially formulated to clean lime and other residues that hard water can leave on the surface.
  • Polish: Many commercial polishes promise to return the gloss to the worktops. They work great and can be used to polish your Corian Kitchen Worktops.

What To Avoid

Multi-purpose cleaners, bleaches, and window cleaners are unsuitable for Corian surfaces. They can leave a slight film on the surface or damage it otherwise. Also, be careful to avoid getting strong chemicals and bleach on it. When you deep clean or need to disinfect the surface using bleach, be careful to dilute the bleach in plenty of water. Grease removers and top stove cleaners might be a bit too harsh for these surfaces.

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While some people prefer to chop vegetables directly on their worktops, this should be avoided with Corian worktops. Your Corian Worktop Supplier will guide you on this. Make sure not to get hot boiling water onto the surface. Corian worktops damage easily with heat.

Unlike other worktops, avoiding leaving moisture on the surface to evaporate and dry is best. As you clean the surface using a disinfectant or cleaner, wipe it dry as well. You can do this using a microfibre cloth, a kitchen towel, or other clothes.

How To Disinfect Corian Worktops?

Corian Worktops are easy to disinfect. You can use mild bleach to disinfect them. Be careful not to use too much – a few tablespoons of bleach in a lot of water is more than enough. More bleach can cause damage to the surface and should thus be avoided.

Heat And Corian Worktops

Without a doubt, your Corian Worktop Supplier will stress the importance of avoiding heat on the surface. And it is with due reason. Heat can damage Corian Solid Surface worktops and thus should be avoided. Trivets should be placed on the surface, and hot pots and pans should be placed on them. Placing hot pots and pans directly on the surface can discolour it and cause the surface to dent and become misshapen.

In addition to this, heat from ovens can also damage the surface. Use heat pads underneath before placing toaster ovens on them.

Repair And Damage Control

Corian worktops do not damage easily. They are homogenous and thus can last a long time. It will not crack, chip, or break from daily use, even heavy use. If damages do occur, they are easy to repair and fix.

One of the major benefits of using Corian worktops is that most damages can be repaired easily at home using the tools available with ease. For damages, you cannot take care of by yourself, speak to your Corian Worktop Supplier to help. If they don’t provide repair services, you can easily find Corian worktop repair people to help you with it. The surface can be repaired fully and restored to its original state with professional repair.

Remember that Corian Solid Surface is not only about the worktop’s surface. The entire thickness is made using the same material. Because of this, it can be repaired fully with ease. Moreover, you can directly contact a Coran solid Surface representative to help repair your worktop and get it back to new.

The Summary

To summarize what we’ve learnt, quickness of action is most important. The quicker you remove the spills from your worktop, the better. This applies to all worktops, no matter what material is used. With Corian, you can clean the surface with any type of soap you use with mildly warm water. Although you can use bleach to disinfect it, be careful to use as less as you can afford.

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In addition to this, be sure to wipe the surface completely dry rather than leave the moisture to evaporate. And finally, you can have your Corian supplier or representative repair any severe damages that require professional attention.

Unlike other worktops, avoiding leaving moisture on the surface to evaporate and dry is best. As you clean the surface using a disinfectant or cleaner, wipe it dry as well. You can do this using a microfibre cloth, a kitchen towel, or other clothes.


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