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If you want to drive huge traffic to your website and also increase your domain ranking and brand awareness. Then you need Best Off Page SEO Techniques. These techniques are best for improving your website and trustworthiness. The Domain Authority (DA) of a site is a ranking score which is from 1-100. Domain Authority is based on many factors including linking root domains, and the total number of links. Here are 5 Best Off Page SEO Techniques that are helping for better ranking.

1- Editorial Links

Editorial Backlinks are Inbound Organic Links that are used in a high authority website’s content naturally. The Editorial links are the best quality links. When Webmasters create content on their websites, they link to other websites’ Pages which have relevant and valuable content to their Audience. Authoritative website webmasters are selecting those websites which are providing their visitors with a positive experience.

Editorial Backlinks give you a better ranking on google and huge traffic to your website. This is the very important part of best off page SEO Techniques.

Webmasters are only linked to other websites which have relevant and accurate content. If your website has non-relevant and outdated content, then they are not linking to your website.

2- Guest Posting

Guest Posting refers to the process of writing blogs on other website domains. It is the method of getting backlinks from other domains. For Example, you are writing a blog on the other website and mentioning links in the Article of your website. The Links are hyperlinks on the specific keyword or phrase, which you want to rank. You could place a link in the article’s body.

Guest Posting gives you huge traffic to your website and gets ranks high on google. it is also a part of Best Off Page SEO Techniques. But if you are linking to an irrelevant website, then google not rank your website. And its gives impacts your ranking. So you only link to a relevant website.

3- Social Bookmarking

When you post content on a social bookmarking site it refers to a backlink. This link leads back to your website and gives you traffic. Social Bookmarking has a direct effect on your website’s ranking. If the information which you post on the social bookmarking site is engaging. It leads to more and more new visitors to your website each month. Social Bookmarking is the important part of Best Off Page SEO Techniques

4- Relevant Forum Posting Sites

Forum Posting is the method to create quality backlinks by participating in online discussion forums. Forum Posting Allows you to post new Posts to drive massive traffic to your website. Posts should be on related forum posting sites that are valuable for you. Otherwise, it will be a spammy link.

In Forum Posting, Title also matters. If your title is unrelated to your body content then the results will be what your readers take away from your site. The Forums do not allow copies on their forum sites. It may take action on you. Only Relevant Forum Posting is another best page SEO technique for gaining traffic from your site.

5- Relevant Directories Submission

Directory Submission is the method of submitting website details and your website URL in a related category of a directory. This will improve your website ranking. Directory Submission is the practice of optimizing web pages of your site by submitting webpage details on a related directory.

It is important to point out that directory submission is: If you post a directory in an unrelated directory site, then the result will be of spammy backlink. It will give you Google Penalties for more spammy backlinks. General Directory Submission sites are known as spammy links. So you should submit a listing on the related directory submission site. It will also be a best technique of drive massive traffic to your site.

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