10 Advanced On Page SEO Techniques in 2023

If you have a website, So then you can’t ignore SEO. You need to apply Advanced On Page SEO Techniques on your website. By properly optimizing your website, you will get a high ranking in Google SERPs. A higher ranking means you will get more traffic to your site, more leads, and more conversions.

If your website is built on WordPress. So you will be able to start SEO by simply installing and activating the SEO Yoast plugin. But keyword research and SEO plugins will not take your website to the top level. If you want long-term or Sustainable results. So you have to adopt advanced On Page SEO techniques.

In this article, we will talk you through the advanced On Page SEO techniques and Tips. We are sure that by using these techniques, you will be able to get a better ranking in Google SERP and more traffic. For all this, you have to read the article.

If you are ready to adopt SEO Optimizing skills. So there are many ways to get started. Let’s know about advanced On-Page SEO techniques.

1. Check Website On-Page SEO (Website Audit)

Conducting an SEO Audit of your website is one of the most important techniques you will do. So in the audit, you will get absolutely helpful information about how your website is performing. Figure Out your website according to SEMrush. How many steps have been performed? And how many steps are left that you need for Google SERPs Top ranking?

SEO Audit will give you a view of how well you are optimizing your site. So the audit will show you issues as to why Google is not indexing the pages of your website.

How to do an On-Page SEO Audit

If you’re running a new website, you’ll want to know the importance of SEO. SEO is also called the practice of organizing and structuring a website. So that’s why you will need to do an SEO Audit of your website.

On-Page SEO Audit Checklist

Conducting an SEO Audit will give you the benefit of knowing whether you should change your strategy accordingly to the Situation. When you find out the issues of your website with SEO Audit and fix those issues, you will get good results from it. As a result, more traffic will be on your website, and more listeners will be on your site.

So, now we will know about the On-Page SEO Audit Checklist.

Select an SEO Plugin in WordPress

A Good SEO on the website means that you can rank better in the SERPs. Using WordPress On-Page SEO Plugin will help you get higher rankings in Search Engine Results Pages. WordPress has great SEO plugins.

Here we give you the list of top WordPress SEO plugins

  • On-Page SEO Yoast
  • Rank Math SEO
  • All-in-One SEO

Check if your pages are being indexed in Google

This is the fact that Google does not index all the pages of your website due to some reasons. Therefore, Internet users cannot access the content of pages on your website that are not indexed on Google. So you have to check whether your website is indexed or not. If the pages are not indexed then why not be indexed? Check the reasons, Resolve issues, and index pages on Google.

Research which keywords of your website are ranking

Keywords are the most important part of SEO. Good targeting keywords on your website and Having good quality content on your website is the only way to rank higher in the SERPs. So when you create your new website, you should do keyword research. As the keywords add up to your new website, you should visit those keywords again and again. For this purpose, you should use Google Analytics.

Focus on higher-ranking keywords to work

The top-ranking keywords of your website can be found by going to Google Analytics. You will create a list of top-ranking keywords for your website and start working on them. If you don’t have a Google Analytics account, you can check keywords through plugins in WordPress easily. With the help of Google Analytics plugins in WordPress, you can check your website analytics on your site dashboard.

Check Your Website Backlinks

Backlinks are considered to be the top-ranking factor in SEO. When a reputable high-quality website links to your website. So, it will increase the authority of your website. With the help of Dofollow Booklinks, you will get link juice. And With the help of Nofollow Backlinks, you will get trust. To get more information about Backlinks checks the 5 best off-page SEO techniques to drive huge traffic to your website.

2. Take a Look at the Website’s Links

SEO links will help your website get a higher ranking in Google SERP. So, links have a huge impact on your google ranking. So, you will take a deep look at your Internal links, Backlinks, Permalinks, and Broken links of your website.

  • You should check on your website that all your links are working.
  • You should check all internal links are working fine.
  • You should check backlinks are coming from high-quality websites.
  • You should set your permalinks on your website.
  • You should fix the 404 error on your website.
  • You should fix broken links on your website.

3. Optimize On-Page SEO by Adding Image Alt Text

Adding SEO keywords inside image alt text is a great way to optimize the on-page SEO of your website’s content. WordPress SEO plugins force you to add image alt text to your website content. This will improve your SEO score. Alt text is mainly for the convenience of crawlers. Alt text tells crawlers what topic this image is about. And it will help you a lot to improve your ranking in Google SERPs.

4. Using Schema Markup on Your Website

Using Schema Markup on your website will greatly help your website ranking in Google SERP. Schema markup is data in the form of code, which helps Google Search Crawlers to understand the content of your website. Schema markup takes the form of products, images, paragraphs, and FAQs. Schema Marrkup is the best part of our advanced on page SEO Services and techniques. When you will use schema markup on your website, it will help your website to rank higher in Google search engine results pages.

5. Page Speed Impact On SEO

Websites with higher Page Speed are ranked higher by Google in Search Engine Results. Google has provided a free Page Speed ​​Insight tool to check the page speed of websites. If you did not measure the load speed of your website pages. So, immediately check the page speed of your website by going to the Page Speed ​​insights tool. Improving the page speed of your website will help you a lot in getting a higher ranking in Google Search results.

There are many plugins in WordPress that help you improve the speed of your website. Popular plugins in WordPress, and Wp Rocket, improve your website speed quickly. If your website is built on WordPress, install and activate the Wp Rocket plugin. WP Rocket will help you a lot in improving your website speed.

6. Add Long Tail Keywords in blog posts

Long-tail keywords mainly consist of phrase and exact match keywords. Their Search Volume is less, but their conversion rate is high as compared to short tail keywords. What does your website need? You will need traffic conversion on your website. Long Tail Keywords will provide you with both of these things.

If you haven’t added long-tail keywords to your website before. So start it now. Add long tail keywords to your website and you will get a higher ranking in Google search results. And you will get high traffic and conversion on your website. This is the important part of our advanced on page SEO techniques.

7. Your website should be mobile responsive

Mobile Responsive Websites are the most important part of advanced on page seo techniques. In today’s era, websites need to be mobile-responsive. Google gives importance to mobile-friendly websites. Because Now most Google Searches are happening on mobile devices.

This means a higher percentage of users are browsing websites from mobile. And Google now gives importance to mobile-first indexing. So if you want to get a high ranking in google search results, your website must be mobile-responsive.

8. Check Keyword Cannibalization on your website

Keyword Cannibalization is the process of ranking different pages of your website for the same keywords. Because of this process, you are competing with your pages in Google search results.

Because of this, the traffic that was on the single page of your website will now be divided into different pages of your website for the same keywords. So if you have the same issue on your website. So solve it immediately. You should add separate keywords for each page with separate content. So the ranking of your website will be high and more traffic will be on your website.

9. Add Target Comparison Keywords on your Website

Comparison keywords are the keywords that users search for on Google for 2 different things. For example, if users search for the keyword “Ahref” vs “Samrush” in respect of SEO tools. So this is the Comparison Keyword.

So you should do it by using comparison keywords on your website. Because this will greatly help your website to get a high ranking in Google search results. And this is one of the most important techniques in our advanced on page seo techniques for your website

10. Add Original Images to your website content

High-quality original images on your website content play a very important role in getting ranking in Google search engine results. Duplicate images harm your website. If your website has duplicate images, you should immediately replace them with original images.

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding these 10 Advanced On Page SEO Techniques, So you can use the comment section below. Keep expanding Technica Writes to see more informative blogs.

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